CISO Dallas Summit | Aug. 30, 2022 | The Highland Dallas - Dallas, TX, USA


Registration & Networking Breakfast

8:30 AM - 9:00 AM

Welcome Address

9:00 AM - 9:10 AM

IBM Keynote: Let’s Create in the New Era of Digital Transformation

9:10 AM - 9:30 AM

Technology and transformation have always gone hand-in-hand, but the pace of transformational change accelerated over the last 2 years in every organization. IBM VP Marketing, Amy Swotinsky will get our creative juices flowing as she shares stories and best practices sourced from thousands of IBM digital transformation engagements with the “new creators” - the change agents and forward thinkers in every organization - including yours. She’ll cover a wide-range of areas, from cybersecurity to AI and data-driven transformations, how to use hyper-automation to make your business supersonic, and give you the tools to get creative to solve your organization’s biggest challenges. Welcome to today's IBM.

Amy Swotinsky

VP, Marketing — Dynamic & Agile Business Leader — Growth Mindset


AM Break

9:30 AM - 9:40 AM

CIO Think Tank: AppSec For Everyone

9:40 AM - 10:05 AM

Application security is quickly becoming a focal point for security programs. In the past, most companies were not concerned with developing applications as a primary business or even a supporting line, but this is rapidly changing. Today, consumers expect a simple to use but sturdy app that allows them to navigate services and technologies, and very few companies can remain out of the race. Since many of the companies newer to app development do not have an existing program in place, they have both the benefit of green field but the burden of building it out. Let's look at some of the cornerstones to good application security programs and how organizations can ramp up quickly. 

Chris Russell

Chief Information Security Officer


CIO/CISO Think Tank: Addressing the Technology Skills Gap: Reskilling and Upskilling

9:40 AM - 10:05 AM

In the digital age, technology teams are only as successful as their skills are relevant. Companies are under pressure to become more agile, protect against rising security threats, and continuously deliver innovations to the market. This begs the question - how do you keep up with the constant pace of change in technology? 

Join this session to hear how leaders must see technology skills as a strategic and essential part of successful digital transformation, as well as how they can gain the clarity they need to lead, and the skills they need to move faster.

Kevin Inman

Senior Director Site Reliability Engineering

Fannie Mae

AnyClip: The Convergence of Video, Trends, Automation, and Data in the Workplace and the Marketplace

10:10 AM - 10:35 AM

For the first time in our lives, we are witnessing a shift in the labor market profoundly impacting how businesses are run - the demographic of retirees is outstripping the demographic of those entering the workforce, while the existing workforce enjoys a job-seeker's market that threatens operational continuity. Simultaneously, the proliferation of companies like TikTok demonstrates a shifting preference towards the video medium as means of discovering new products and engaging with brands on the consumer side, discovering job-related info, and engaging with coworkers on the labor side. With video historically being a cumbersome unstructured data asset, businesses will need to learn how to harness its power, turning it from latent, to intelligent.


In this session, you will learn how you can use automation to give data structure to massive video libraries, allowing your business to:

· Transform how it makes decisions on how to store content, how to secure it, how to present it, and how to broaden its value

· Maximize productivity and collaboration without sacrificing diligence, and do so with a smaller and turnover-prone workforce

· Increase the LTV of a customer by better understanding what stories resonate, and why

· Ensure both continuity of operations and accessibility of content without cumbersome or redundant documentation

Greg Sobecki

Senior Director Enterprise Sales


Think Tank- The CIO's Responsibility in Diversity & Inclusion

10:40 AM - 11:05 AM

The CIO job description varies significantly among companies around the world. Regardless of the nuances, the CIO role is generally among the most senior, influential leaders in a company’s technology organization. The CIO is imbued with substantial, organizational power and authority. Such a position of power and influence carries responsibilities in diversity and inclusion efforts that largely go unstated. The struggle for equality and inclusion is far from over. What can the CIO do to help? We can approach possible actions using a paradigm long trusted by CIOs around the world:  What are some of the people, process, and technology actions a CIO should consider in support of worldwide equality and inclusion?

Executive Boardroom: Freshworks

11:10 AM - 11:35 AM

Future-Proof Your Customer Support IT Strategy 

The pandemic has led to a growing dependence on technology for customer support. Consumers are increasing their digital purchases by 160 percent and are expecting businesses to support them across their channels of choice like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and more.

To stay competitive, businesses have responded by rapidly purchasing new point solutions to support customers on their channels of choice. Now the pressure is on the IT teams to ensure these siloed solutions work together smoothly. They need to deliver consistent cross-channel experiences for their customers’ journeys, an easy to use tech stack for their employees, and a future-proof IT strategy for their business leaders.

Join this session to learn:

  • How to unify and simplify support experiences
  • Why modern, consumer-grade experiences accelerate time to value
  • How to future-proof your support desk investment
  • Art of the possible for customer support with AI and customer 360 view

Brandon Carr

Enterprise Account Executive


Innovation: Protecting Enterprise-Wide Identities from Outages Caused by Cyberattacks or Mistakes

11:10 AM - 11:20 AM

The increasing number and severity of cyberattacks targeting enterprise identities in Microsoft directories is staggering. Ransomware is profitable because it works and most organizations now understand  it is only a matter of time before they become the next victim. Rather than continuing to struggle with legacy approaches, security teams need a new approach to protecting enterprise identities in hybrid and multi-cloud  environments. In this brief session, you will learn about new systems and methods for protecting hybrid Microsoft identities while improving both IT efficiency and identity resilience. 



· Where is the weak link in hybrid Active Directory? 

· Three areas that must be addressed for hybrid identity protection and resilience 

· Slow attackers and address internal threats 

· Identify issues and problems before they are exploited 

· Understand the difference between directory recovery and directory resilience 

Bob Bobel

Founder and CEO


Innovation: Effortless, Integrated, Everywhere - with conversational AI

11:25 AM - 11:35 AM
Employee experience is the number one challenge for businesses today: half of employees are actively looking for their next job. To keep your top talent, you need to eliminate distractions from their digital experience, no matter where they’re working. That’s why industry leaders are now using AI to support their employees — at a scale not possible for people alone. Join this session to learn how AI: - Saved Palo Alto Networks 180,000 hours of productivity for its flexible workforce - Reduced $ 1 million in IT service cost per year at Seagen - Enabled Hearst to bring together 360 subsidiaries with a single hub for support

Robert Vandervoort

Solutions Engineering Manager


Fireside Chat: The Evolving Role of The Tech Executive

11:40 AM - 12:05 PM
Technology executives are feeling more pressure than ever before. From breaches in the news to having a seat at the table in the boardroom, executives are being pulled in more directions than in their entire careers. So how do you manage this new landscape let alone build and nourish your staff to handle all of the issues and products that land on your plate? Varon Gadhok, CIO, Surgery Partners is joining our own J.D. Miller for a fireside discussion to talk about his journey and how you can build a framework for 2023 and beyond.

Varun Gadhok

Chief Information Officer

Surgery Partners, Inc

Networking Lunch

12:10 PM - 1:15 PM

CDO Sponsor Keynote: Denodo: Data Liberation is Fundamental to Data Democratization

1:20 PM - 1:50 PM

Data and analytics related infrastructure is constantly evolving at an accelerated pace, to fulfill the data democratization goals of the CIOs, CDOs and CDAOs. While a plethora of emerging technologies have been solving many of the data management and analytics problems for decades in the short term, they fall short of being long term solutions, thus requiring re-strategizing and reengineering enterprise data infrastructure and ultimately becoming costly and rigid solutions. How can data and analytics leaders truly liberate their data? A logical approach to data management holds the promise for a long term solution to this problem. Join a panel of data leaders and subject matter experts to learn why a logical architecture based data liberation is fundamental to data democratization.

Mike Woods

VP of Sales - Central U.S.


CDO Think Tank: Industrializing ML / AI Solutions for Growth

1:55 PM - 2:20 PM

Industrializing ML / AI solutions in enterprises require more than developing ML models by data scientists. The full cycle from experiment to deployment and monitoring of sustainable ML solutions needs to be considered when planning and executing machine learning and AI solutions. In this session we will discuss important aspects of the ML development cycle, from business challenge definition, the critical role of business input, the evolution to more complex ML techniques and frameworks, multiple deployment options and monitoring of performance of those solutions with the goal to keep industrialized ML solutions relevant.

David Patron

Senior Director Global Data Science Delivery


Thought Leadership: Protect your organization's unstructured data with Zero Trust Data Access

2:25 PM - 2:50 PM

Protect your organization's unstructured data with Zero Trust Data Access.

Most data created today is unstructured. Typical enterprises have little administrative control over the inventory, accessibility, and organization of its unstructured data. The control gap creates an undesirable situation.

The consequences of weak control of unstructured data include:

1) Unauthorized disclosure of sensitive data,

2) Security compliance violations,

3) User privacy deficiencies, and

4) Increased data theft.


The solution, FileFlex Enterprise, enables organizations to safeguard data with a method called Zero Trust Data Access (ZTDA). Protect data without regard for enterprise perimeters; save time and expense by not having to move or duplicate data to leverage FileFlex Enterprise's ZTDA capabilities

Larry R. Hurtado

Executive VP, Managing Director USA

Qnext Corporation

CIO/CISO Think Tank: Delivering Value During Uncertainty

2:55 PM - 3:20 PM

Delivering Value During Uncertainty

The global pandemic has exacerbated the need of organisations to transform fast and become more resilient. In response, CIOs must quickly and continuously revisit their plans and investments. In such demanding circumstances, how can they ensure that business and IT are able to collaborate and deliver successful projects in a short time? This session looks at how you can bring together fragmented workflows and improve operational efficiency, while injecting security at every step of the development cycle.

Sudhir Nair

Chief Digital Officer (former CIO)

AmeriSave Mortgage Corporation

CDO Think Tank: Data Strategy – Learnings and Focus Areas

2:55 PM - 3:20 PM

Why do we need a Strategy?

One of the key reasons why most companies have not been successful with their Data journey is not having a strong support or buy-in from the leadership. This problem can be of different form for different companies, but it does exist. Data is great, and the taglines like “Data is the new Bacon” sound trending, but it is expensive to ingest, manage and take some value out of it. This is where the business executives are not able to justify the cost. And the way to answer this is to have a Data Strategy written for your company and is aligned with the companies’ priorities and use cases. The strategy should not only talk about some high-level milestones but should be able to provide a clear value proposition for the business.

What are the new trends in the Data world and where to focus on when building such Data Strategy for your company?

Data economies exist in a variety of industries, whether it be products like AWS Data Exchange that allows data providers to create their own subscription models and sell their data online, to healthcare companies like Optum that collects and shares information between its different healthcare service companies, to a new generation of start-ups like DX Network that are creating sophisticated data economies to exchange structured data. One of the ways we can achieve this is by enabling a Data Marketplace. Improve collaboration between your data producers and consumers.

DataOps – Ways of working: Bring-in both Data Engineers, Operations teams, Scientists together and build Data Assets. Focus on automation and cost reduction.


Vishnu Chelle

Product Director, R&D Data Platform API's


Executive Boardroom: Brillio Holdings: How to Recalibrate for the New Reality

3:25 PM - 3:50 PM

How to Recalibrate for the New Reality

While companies race to adapt their strategies to deal with persisting inflation, they will also need to revise their playbooks for the anticipated downturn, considering a host of complexities that will make this recession different. No one knows for certain what lies ahead. Customer confidence is very low causing a lot of uncertainty and volatility across the global market. What we do know is that companies used digital technologies to rapidly adapt to customer behaviors and needs during the pandemic, accelerating the adoption of those technologies by several years.


Digital will once again help companies stay resilient by recalibrating to shifting economic conditions and customer behaviors during this post-pandemic business cycle. Join us for an exclusive session to learn how to successfully ACE today's market turmoil Find out how companies continue to rely on digital capabilities, advanced analytics, and innovation to bolster productivity and business performance to stay ahead of the curve.

Sean Cassidy


CIO/CISO Executive Boardroom: CyberGRX: Cyber Risk Intelligence and the Meaning of a True Risk Excha

3:55 PM - 4:20 PM

Cyber Risk Intelligence and the Meaning of a True Risk Exchange

Cyber risk intelligence is critical for businesses that operate in the digital world. It is the collection, evaluation, and analysis of cyber threat information by those with access to all-source information.

Like other areas of important business intelligence, cyber threat intelligence is qualitative information put into action to help develop security strategies and aid in identifying threats and opportunities.

Register & attend this session as we explore:

  • Third-party cyber risk management vs self-assessments
  • Cyber risk intelligence in the wake of huge, high-profile breaches
  • The meaning of a true risk exchange

Caitlin Gruenberg

Director of Risk Solutions


CDO Think Tank: Data Driver: Enable business users to harness the Power of Data Analyti

3:55 PM - 4:20 PM

Data Driver: Enable business users to harness the Power of Data Analytics

How often are Analytics projects successful? Many times we find ourselves in a situation where we complete solutions and there is just no adoption of the tools. Every problem does not require a turnkey and expensive solution. We can enable business users to leverage wealth of data and insights without endlessly creating turnkey products. The answer lies in people and tech culture:

  • Upskilling Business Users
  • Automation and exception based hands on the wheel
  • Bias for action (Don’t wait, identify insight and fix)
  • Data Science <> Highly paid Business Analyst
  • Talent Retention and growth

Monish Balasundaram

Principal Product Analytics


Executive Boardroom: It’s Always DNS

4:25 PM - 4:50 PM

It’s always DNS, which is exactly why you should secure it. DNS is fundamental to our internet usage, but it’s also incredibly vulnerable on its own. In this presentation, COO of DNSFilter Colin Britton will discuss how despite the widespread adoption of secure email gateway, email management, and security training, phishing and other domain-based threats still plague corporate networks. He’ll discuss three use cases for security via DNS and the benefits that go along with them.


  • DNS should be the first layer organizations secure
  • Humans have trouble identifying if a site is phishing or not
  • IoT devices are most easily secured at the DNS layer

Colin Britton



Closing Panel: 2022 Focus: IT, IT Security, and Data Executives as Transformation Leaders

4:55 PM - 5:33 PM
Join us for a panel discussion on the 2022 Focus: IT, IT Security, and Data Executives as Transformation Leaders.

Rameshwar Balanagu

Director Digital Strategy & Enterprise Architecture


Bhavani Thuraisingham

Senior Strategist Cyber Security and Data Analytics

UT Dallas

Darshan Mahendrakar

Director of Engineering R&D


Closing Remarks

5:35 PM - 5:45 PM

Summit Happy Hour

5:45 PM - 6:45 PM